A fresh Apostolic Pentecostal approach, here in Hammond, Indiana!

We believe God for signs, miracles and wonders!

It is too late for funeral home church! It is too late to have dead library church!

Rise up and join this Apostolic army and let us march in claim our promises together!

721 State Street Hammond, IN 46320

​Welcome to Pentecost! We are Apostolic in doctrine and Pentecostal in experience! we are glad you stopped by to check us out.

Yes we believe that Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh (1 Tim 3:16).

Yes we believe that repentance is necessary but not the new birth alone.

​Yes we believe that one must be baptized by immersion in the only saving name, Jesus Christ.

​Yes we believe that the Holy Ghost is a gift and must be received to complete the new birth as Jesus taught in John 3:5.

​Yes be believe that we must live a sanctified and holy lifestyle to enter that wonderful place he has prepared!

The APOSTOLIC PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF HAMMOND, IN namely World of Pentecost Ministries is a friendly church of faith, miracles, gifts of the Spirit and five fold ministry.

The city of Hammond has about 90,000 residents maybe a little less. The surrounding cities are Whiting to the north, Munster to the south, East Chicago to the east and Calumet City, IL to the west. The city of Chicago is only about 5-10 minutes away.

We are a Apostolic, Oneness, Pentecostal church pressing forward, doing the will of God. God has blessed us with a number of various miracles. We have seen many types of healings, weather changes and alterations by prayer, jobs received, angelic visitations and more.

We want to be a blessing to you! We are a multicultural church. All colors, backgrounds, financial status' nationalities are welcome here.

We at this time are praying for help in the music department, praise and worship ministry as well. We are believing for an influx of the lost and backsliders. People are hungry for more than the dead formal religions. We want and believe in the power of God in this 21st century. It is the only thing that will help this generation.

World of Pentecost

721 State Street

Hammond, IN (NWI) 46320

Phone 219-865-3991

We meet every Sunday 2:00pm and every Wednesday 7:00pm.




Time is short.

Eternity is long.

Hell is hot.

What are you doing about it?

Are you reaching anyone with the Gospel of this Apostolic message?

The church must rise and be about the Father's business!

Hammond and surrounding communities need a church to rise in power and authority, pulling down strongholds, breaking the chains of addiction and healing every sickness and disease!


World of Pentecost Church

Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Hammond, Indiana