Hammond Hope Center

721 State Street Hammond, IN 46320 US


Order of Services:

Sunday 11:00 am

Wednesday 7:00 PM

Pentecostal Church Hammond, IN

Our Location

Pentecostal Church of Hammond, IN.

​It is hard not to love what you feel at the WORLD OF PENTECOST Church. The city of Hammond, Indiana has a great spiritual need. We feel called to provide that need through the Word and the Spirit of God. The Apostolic Pentecostal church worldwide is experiencing wonderful growth. We are praying for backsliders to return back to God and be renewed again in this wonderful Apostolic truth. We are also praying for the need of laborers for this great harvest. Too many talents and gifts have been sidelined. It is time to rise up and again be used of God!

​As you can see on the map above, we are in a good central location here in Hammond. We are also known as Hammond Hope Center. We are Apostolic, Pentecostal, One God, sanctified and baptized in Jesus name. That is the only way you can be Apostolic. Many claim to be Apostolic but have not experienced the Apostles doctrine / new birth of Acts 2:38. We would love for to see you visit us this week! God bless.

​There are so many that have been hurt and emotionally bruised by leadership in churches, this should not happen, especially in Pentecostal Apostolic churches. Of course no leader is perfect and mistakes happen but constant abuse and mind control is an ungodly spirit that takes place. We consider this Apostolic church assembly as a place for healing, restoration and a fresh start. If you know someone that has experienced these kind of hurts, we welcome them to our church assembly here in Hammond, Indiana (NWI).


721 State Street

Hammond, IN 46320 (NWI)

Also known as Hammond Hope Center

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